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Abri piscine France Shelter of swimming pool England Schutzes Schwimmbad Deutschland Abrigo de piscina España riparo piscina Italia وقى من البركة للسباحة  游泳池的庇护
Présentation technique de nos abris piscines

The shelters of swimming pools are manufactured exclusively with the best components of mark of world fame (see the technical data sheet of the shelters of swimming pool).
We impose materials having to resist the atmospheres humid and chlorinated with
the important thermal shocks.

The telescopic shelters of swimming pool and cover are carried out in profile
(GUARANTEED 10 YEARS) of section monopiece tubulare monopiece out of extruded aluminium.
The connection between the amounts and the trolly crabs of the telescopic roof is ensured by a pin tractor with a diameter of 12 mm.

Our roofs are made of composite glass (Polycarbonate or Methalcrylate). These materials of our telescopic shelters are guaranteed 10 years.

Rolling telescopic system integrated
Guidance, without rail on the terrasse (Anti wrenching with the wind)

A - Multitubular curved amount

B - Perimetric brush on the terrasse

C - Flask of ornament (4 functions)

  • Solidarize the amount with the trolly crab
  • Reglage centers stainless of guidance + wheel
  • Fixation wheel on the ground by button
  • Brosse serrated roller support before integrated
  • D - Deposit and puts back button serrated roller, fixing ankles, high strength (Diam 14 mm)

    Plan de coupe d'un abri de piscine A - Montant cintré multitubulaire B - Brosse périmétrale au sol C - Flasque d'ornement D - Bouton molette E - Rail bas F - Rail haut G - Trou évacuation d'eau H - Roue anti trace I - Goujon de tirage

    E - Low rail (integrated in trolly crab)

    F - High rail (integrated in trolly crab)

    G - Hole drainage of water

    H - wheels without mark on the terrasse (Diam 80 mm) Bearing switches stainless - Axis stainless of Wheel (Diam 12 mm)

    I - Pin of pulling of the curved amount (Key of 19 mm)

    Principle of installation of a telescopic shelter
    Principle of operation of the telescopic cover

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